From a proud mama’s perspective, I’d like to tell you a little about my kids and their BBQ restaruant. It all goes back to my late husband, Terry Bryant (Pops). Terry was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January 2015. Family, friends, & church members came together to plan a benefit, raising money to assist with treatments & medications. We had an overwhelming outpour of love, support & donations from the community. We met at the barn every weekend with family & friends, firing up the smoker just to make memories with Terry.

Worried about leaving behind the children, grandchildren, & myself. Terry had asked our daughter, Jessica to consider moving back to Bowdon. Without question, she agreed. In June 2015, cancer took Terry, leaving our family heartbroken & Nick (Biggin) & Jessica with a desire to keep their daddy’s memory alive.

With all the meat smokin’, ideas about opening a restaurant was perfect with Jessica leaving her job to move back home. In November 2015, Nick & wife Cassandra signed a lease on what I remember as “The Wagon Wheel”. Aware of the risk & taking a huge leap in faith, my son, daughter in law, & daughter opened the doors February 6, 2016.   

They serve up fresh food, good quality meats, & you are sure to catch them experimenting to create their own. Many menu items were inspired by their dad. On the menu,  you will find the Pop Burger & Pig Pen Tater. They also have some of his favorites like, Burgers, BBQ, ribs, wings, fries, and homemade desserts.

Now, let’s talk about the smokin’. These kids don’t just throw their meats on a gas grill or electric smoker. They believe, “If we are going to do it, we are going to do it right.” By doing it right, they mean a barrel smoker with a wood box, & real logs of hickory & pecan. Each morning you can find one of them firing up the smoker. Not as easy as you’d think, since they’ve got to baby that thing to constantly control the temperature, so they can provide some of the best smoked meats around. They’ve got the touch though. Biggin himself taught his little sister Jessica all there is to know about being a pit master & he continued working his full-time job. Shortly after, his wife Cassandra joined the Pitmaster Team.

With the help of a talented kitchen staff, the awesome customer service provided by your wait staff, you are sure to feel at home, get a belly full, & leave satisfied.

As their mama, I can’t tell you how proud I am of what they have accomplished as business owners. September 2016, a much larger restaurant became available. They decided to move their restaurant. Come in & have a seat or call in & pick up! I hope you enjoy their restaurant as much as our friends & family.


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